Alex Khan
As early as 2005, he was running one of the first social networks in Germany. Since then he's founded Germany's largest professional modeling community and the first mobile marketplace for fashion that was later acquired by Burda. With the help of social media, his last company sold over 150,000 products in the first two years. Alex has worked with RED BULL, SKY, WELLA, and SAP, among other companies.

His focus lies with the creation of a uniform social media strategy and he is followed by over 400,000 people on his social media channels. His #WeKhan, introduced in early 2016, reached 13 million people and was seen 100 million times within 90 days.

Workshop 1. Mass Seduction: Tools, Tech & Tactics to Master Live Video.

Everyone knows that great content is key to success and within a year one in five videos on Facebook are live videos. However, when it comes to live video, it´s hard to captivate your audience. In this workshop, live video expert Alex Khan illustrates how to plan and pre-promote your stream, how to do live streams in 360, how you leverage your audience using Facebook ads in the best way, and much more. You´ll pick up various ideas every business can use to gain more reach using live video.
Alex will be conducting 2 workshops:
International entrepreneur, social media and live video coach
Workshop 2. How to Shine On-Camera & Gain Know, Like & Trust Via Video.

Do you want to create amazing videos using just your Smartphone? In this hands-on session, video specialist Alex Khan will guide you through the tools and techniques to maximize results with your Smartphone.

He will show you actionable ways how brands can create videos that people want to share based on science and psychology. On top of it he will illustrate step-by-step how you maximize your return on investment and promote your videos in the most effective ways.

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