Anna Davtyan

I help experts create, design, develop and promote online-courses and schools.

The mess of your ideas will turn into a strong marketing system.
Educator, Online marketer, Serial entrepreneur
47 online projects
I am an independent consultant with a 9-year expertise in teaching adults and 11-year expertise in online marketing. As a serial entrepreneur I have started from scratch, developed and sold 3 businesses. My current business is consulting and helping businessmen grow their businesses in terms of sales. No marketing – no sales. This is why my approach is a complex one.

I work in two fields: product development and promotion. These two sales aspects are interconnected in modern competitive market. Poor product leads to the waste of marketing budget. Perfect product with no proper marketing structure will never sell itself.

Saint-Petersburg State University, Philological Faculty.
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Digital Marketing.

1. Online Sales Funnel for your Business.

- Why sales funnels work and their benefits for your business. - Steps in sales funnels for your business. - What "LEGO" parts you need for a successful funnel. - Public examples of sales funnels that convert.

2. How to Apply Education-based Marketing for my Business Online.

- The pros and cons of education-based marketing. - How to create trust, brand authority, customer loyalty, grow your customer database. - How to get return on your investments in education-based marketing. - Forms of education-based marketing and finding the bestseller for your business (e-course, e-book, how-to video series, whitepaper, podcast episode, etc.)

Anna will be conducting two workshops:
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