Arpine Sarkisyan
The founder of the first online school for promotion and sales in Instagram – Arpineschool.
An online video course where in 6 weeks students get skills of promotion and sales.

More than 6,000 students have already finished the course and more than 70,000 people have listened to online webinars.

About business achievements: sold more than 300 tons of food through the Instagram of DomaVkusnee company (whose account @domavkusnee Arpine promoted for 3 years)

Co-founder the company about life and housing in Cyprus (@lovemycyprus) – since 2016. People rented more than 320 apartments through Instagram every year.

Arpine Sarkisyan will be conducting 2 workshops:

1.Customers from Instagram. Step by step instructions. (in English)

This workshop is targeted specially for those: Who sell products or services on Instagram; Who have registered their business Instagram account recently; Who have been using Instagram for a long time but consider their account not perfect without any remarkable sales figures. During this workshop you're going to get a detailed manual calendar on what to do or not, explanations for every post and a lot of content ideas for Instagram.

2.«Продающий Инстаграм. От первых шагов до первых лидов.» (in Russian)

- как площадка Instagram может помочь найти клиентов?
- концепция бизнес-аккаунтов в Instagram.
- как из подписчика сделать клиента?
- контент для бизнеса - что делать, что не делать?
- как продвигать бизнес в Instagram?
- как продавать в Instagram?
- как продавать через негативные отзывы в Instagram.
- примеры кейсов, которые я сама вела и веду в Instagram

Я практик и это моя отличительная черта. Сначала я продавала еду в Instagram, потом квартиры на Кипре, сейчас свои онлайн - курсы.

Все бизнесы успешны. Собственно благодаря им я приобрела квартиру на Кипре, сделала ремонт и катаюсь на кабриолете. Только практика. Никакой воды.

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