Maxim Mozgovoy

Expert, Ex-director of CRM and Publishers Analytic at

CRM & Customer Base Management
CRM Srategic Development
Targeted Marketing
Loyalty Management
Data Mining
Customer Insights
Developming Scoring Models
Machine-Based Learning
Artificial Intelligence

Maxim has more than 10 year experience of working for leading CIS and international companies and managing the CRM implementation in different channels. His main goal was not only the implementation of the certain CRM solution, but the strategic development of the whole customer management direction, creating it "from zero level". For example, in Sberbank he led a division (12 persons) with strategic priorities of implementing CRM, Data mining, customer analytics programs at the Bank.

Maxim was responsible for development of the CRM strategy both from operational and analytical sides, key policies and customer management processes, including customer information center based on CRM solution (strategies for cross/up-selling and service based on client's behavior and segment). I've successfully launched a retail CRM program (Siebel CRM implementation), including 5 projects: Sales, Tele-Marketing, Contact centers, Branches, Business Core Functionality.

Also, Maxim was responsible for general management and overseeing of following projects:

Analytical Warehouse and Data Mining tools implementation (SAS, Teradata), Data Quality project , BI and Reporting system implementation. Was an active member of the Sberbank-2020 board, which was responsible for innovations development.

In MTS (MobileTelesystems), Maxim was responsible for the Churn Management Strategy development for the MTS Group in CIS (Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan). From 2006 to 2009, I proposed and monitored the actions plan on CRM activities for churn management and loyalty. I've managed long- and mid-term development of the CRM sector in MTS, and successfully has implemented the Siebel CRM solution for 3 main fields: Call-Center, Marketing, Corporate Clients Management.

Maxim Mozgovoy will be conducting 2 workshops:

1. Customer Base Churn Evaluation

To understand the customer loyalty, you need to identify your most loyal and less loyal individual customers. To see that, you need to measure the activity metrics of your customers. One of the most important metrics is churn, or attrition. Also it's called as net transfer to inactive state and it shows how many customers you're losing each month (or other time period). Another metric, which is called retention, shows the dynamics of the activity decrease over time for the cohort of the newly acquired customers. In our workshop we will deep dive into activity metrics calculation and churn evaluation for different kind of businesses. You will do the actual calculations by yourself and will learn how to measure churn for your business. Understanding of these metrics is essential for any company to succeed in customer base loyalty management.

2. Manual Customer Lifetime Value Calculation

Who are your most valuable customers? Do you actually know them, can you name them? What if you miss some customer due to churn, who can be very valuable, but you underestimated his value? How much should your spend to retain them? To answer these questions and to efficiently predict and manage your customer base value your need to start your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV or LTV) calculations. On the training you will learn how to calculate your customer value on individual level and will see what is the most important metric for your business (and, surprisingly, it's not the revenue!). Multiple methods of CLV calculation exist and we will cover their positive and negative sides during the training. You will delve into the customer base management key concept with us!
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