Nicky Kriel
Award-winning Nicky Kriel is one of the UK's top Social Media influencers.

She is an international Social Media trainer, speaker and bestselling author. She has been featured in Huffington Post, Inc, Guardian and Daily Telegraph and is regularly interviewed as an authority in Social Media on radio, podcasts, webcasts and television. She has spoken at events like Social Media Marketing World in California, USA and The International Conference on Tourism Technology in Kerala, India.

She is passionate about inspiring and empowering businesses to use Social Media to grow. She uses her background in corporate marketing to help companies integrate Social Media into their own marketing and business strategies. As a Master NLP (Neuro-linguistic Program) communication is her strength, teaching people to engage with the 'social' aspect of social networking: It's not about tools and technology, but about people and relationships. Jargon is kept to the minimum with the focus being on practical advice, top tips, and guidance.

She is the author of "Converting Conversations to Customers: The Essential Guide to Social Media Sales Success" and "How to Twitter for Business Success".

Nicky will be conducting two workshops:
1. Quick Ways to Create Content that Converts

One of the biggest challenges for anyone responsible for social media for business is to know how to generate great, targeted, engaging content quickly.

Discover how to be highly effective at social media without getting overwhelmed by complicated content creation.

And learn Insider tools and tips that will transform your social media feed into a consistent buyer magnet…without you having to spend hours each day creating content.
2. Creating a Content Plan that Generates Business

Transform all your content marketing activities into an efficient system so that social media becomes your best marketing tool… even if you don't have much time and or a large budget.
Learn exactly how to create a content marketing Acton plan to save you time… easily!

Discover the simple steps that you can take to free up your time to spend more time to talk to your customers.

And have fun!
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