Alex Kolokolov
Head of Business Intelligence Institute, Russia
Fulbright program graduate, Florida Atlantic University, USA

Russian #1 data visualization expert.
10 years of experience in the field of corporate reporting, Business Intelligence and Data Mining systems in retail, finance, and e-commerce.
Unique competence is to convert big data into interactive dashboards for decision-making. Alex taught this 2000 people at his trainings.


If you have many numbers in the spreadsheets, you cannot quickly get the insights and make a decision. Time of the customer is expensive, so reports should be understandable and clear.
The art of visualizing big data is not in the design, but in the understanding of your audience, customers and delivering them information. However, data analysts often drown in figures and graphs and make reports that are understandable only to themselves.
At the workshop, business analyst Alexey Kolokolov will share his experience on how to easily make reports and dashboards for the customers and stakeholders.

· Visual perception: difference between data analyst and target audience
· Data visualization rules and best practices, Infographics for business needs
· Performance dashboard development. Case study: how to create sales pipeline dashboard in MS Excel
· How to make your offer clear and reasonable to the client. Case study: visualization sales proposals
· How to simplify web-analytics. Case study: dashboard for small business owner.

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