Pantelis Vladimirou
Pantelis Vladimirou is the Managing Director of Webarts. Working with a team of 15 people, his goal is to help businesses succeed their marketing and sales goals thought Inbound Marketing channels. With 10 years of experience, Webarts offers Inbound Marketing and Website Design services to 170 organizations in Cyprus up to this day. Some of them are are Zorbas Bakeries, Dimco, Peletico, Alpha Bank, Euroblinds, Mikel, President of Cyprus, Quality Group, Super Home Center, EKA Group, IPH, Giovani, Cyprus Airport Duty Free and more.

Managing Director
Digital & Inbound Marketing Agency providing Website Design, SEO, content & social media services to Business.

Micro influencers are ordinary consumers that are highly active in Social media (Facebook, instagram, youtube) but are not yet very popular or Celebrities. They usually have an activity they do for fun (example: fashion, sports, music, etc) and they are using this activity to share content and engage with people.

These microinfluencers often share content based on their experience with a product or service they bought, influencing and encouraging other people to buy it.

Online ads is still the major spending channel in Digital Marketing but its getting noisy and disturbing for people. Celebrity influecers on the other had are not affordable for most of the business and Brands. On the other hand micro influencers are usually young, highly motivated, much more affordable that can be used wisely to promote your products and services.

Studies shown that investing to a few dozens of microinfluencers can provide much higher ROI than investing in Online ads or one Celebrity influencers.

In the presentation we will explore ways on how to find, collaborate and benefit from micro influencers.
Pantelis Vladimirou will be conducting the VIP speech
"Micro Influencers" - the New Marketing Force is Ready to Boost your ROI.
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