Thierry Cellerin
CEO and Founder of BuzzFactory a Tech based Digital Marketing agency in Moscow, Russia.

Based in Moscow since 2002, Thierry have been working in the marketing and advertising industry ever since, capitalizing experience through collaborations with RIA Novosti, the BBDO Network, Vanksen Group and with Teads before launching Buzzfactory, the first digital marketing agency specialized in influencer marketing in Russia.

As well Thierry is leading the French Tech initiative in Russia that is aiming at helping French startup to come to Russia and Russian startups to find the right contacts to expand their activities in France.

Workshop 1. "How to Prepare your Influencer Marketing Strategy and Make it Work for Your Business"
  1. A glimpse at the future of influencer marketing (5 mins)
  2. What influencer marketing really is? (10 mins)
  3. Influencer marketing framework. (30 mins)
  4. Do and don't and best practices.(15 mins)

Worshop 2. "How to Measure the Impact of Influencer Marketing + Best Practices (conclusion)"
  1. Difference between top influencers and micro influencers (15 mins)
  2. How to measure the efficiency of your collaboration with influencers. (20 mins)
  3. Influencer marketing best practices (20 mins)
  4. Alternative ways to collaborate with influencers. (5 mins)
Thierry will be conducting 2 workshops:
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