Alexis Petrides
Alexis holds a Bachelors degree in Business Studies from the University of Lancaster and a Masters degree in International Business Management with Entrepreneurship from Kingston University, London.

He has helped many companies break through to their audience. Currently his biggest project is introducing the leading taxi-hailing app 'Bolt' to the Cypriot market, which Alexis feels very excited about.

Amongst it all, he also teaches Online Consumer Behaviour and Multicultural Branding at a Masters level for the University of West London.

Apart from that Alexis is a passionate tennis player and enthusiast (ask him for some tips on tennis strategy after the workshop).
Recently he became passionate about books, especially those about consumer behaviour.

Workshop "It's what they do – not what they say, that matters"

Key points:
- How do people behave online?
- What is the difference between traditional ways of behaviour and online consumer behaviour?
- Who are the people you are targeting?
- Brand Equity? Who cares... You should!

- A clear understanding of the specifics of online consumer behaviour and interaction with brands online.
- Straightforward research methods for defining a company's target audiences
- Further training, teaching material, and other tools that can help companies get more familiar with the psychology of their clients and their target audience.


- Familiarization with online consumer behaviour concepts that can be applied on all layers of the marketing strategy of a company
- Understanding that these concepts do not require a PhD in Psychology to be implemented