Alex Khan
Alex Khan is an international entrepreneur, social media coach and live video coach. As early as 2005, he was running one of the first social networks in Germany. Since then he has founded Germany's largest professional modelling community and the first mobile marketplace for fashion.

With the help of social media, his last company sold over 150,000 products in the first two years. Alex and his team have worked with Red Bull, OPI, WELLA, SKY and SAP, among 50 other companies. His focus lies on the creation of a uniform social media strategy and in live video training.

A total of 400,000 people follow Alex Khan on his social media channels and he gives lectures about online marketing, digital branding and social media at Macromedia University in Munich.

Since 2019 Alex's agency Attractive Media is preferred Facebook marketing partner in Germany and manages an ad budget of more than 2 million euros per year.
Workshop: « Instagram Marketing Hacks – Get Ready For The Next Level !»

Key Points
  • How to maximise sales with different types of content
  • Why is someone following you and how to keep them as a follower
  • From Zero to Hero: the customer's journey on Instagram
  • Learn tips and tricks about visibility and growing your audience
  • Understand how to turn your potential customers into regulars
  • Gain insights into user behaviour that help driving sales and maximising revenues
Value/Long term effects
  • Improved Image: gaining the audience's trust and interest
  • Ability to turn an Instagram account into a sales platform
  • Making profits with your Instagram profile
Workshop: « How to grow your audience & drive sales with Instagram and Facebook LIVE »

Key Point
  • Conquer your fear of using (live) video
  • Ways to maximize the reach of your video
  • Leaving a lasting impression: keeping your community engaged until the end
  • The difference between live video and other video content
  • Know how to present yourself in front of the camera
  • The best apps to use to save time and create great content
  • Learn tactics that make people crave for more
  • Know how to create the right content for your video
Value/Long term effects
  • A new method for promoting and selling products
  • Expanding your platform: increased community engagement
  • Increased product and brand awareness