Anthony Munns
After graduating in 2006 with an Honours Degree in TV Technology and Production, Anthony was pulled into marketing and advertising while working closely with TV directors as a freelance slow-motion and replay operator for famous football clubs such as Manchester United.

At the same time he started a small agency, working closely with early adopters of web and video, which allowed him to learn and practice professional Web Design, SEO, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Video Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

Over the years Anthony has been drawn to teaching and education and is particularly interested in direct marketing, the power of psychology and persuasion and content marketing in communication and sales messaging.

As well as consulting via his agency CY Digital Marketing, and lecturing on a Masters program in Digital Marketing, Anthony has over 10 years experience in senior digital marketing roles for companies such as easyMarkets in Limassol and Frog Education in the UK, where he has worked with leading global agencies on a wide range of projects that required professional marketing management skills and strategy.

Anthony is now heavily involved in launching Always Mastering which is his own project aimed at helping businesses and marketing professionals learn the most important aspects of modern marketing for their business and career success as well as mastering the subtler sides of 'getting the job done' in life and business.

"Outside of being a semi-reluctant marketing nerd I enjoy playing Tennis, Swimming, Cooking and have recently obtained my RYA Day Skipper Yacht License which opens up a whole new world for the future (but seriously need more hours practice)!
I also eventually want to get back into Photography which I have neglected for years!"
Workshop "Your website is leaking potential sales (guaranteed), can a Facebook chatbot fix this?"

Did you know that:
Over 80% of technology purchasers do not like to fill out forms
Nearly 60% of B2B websites are considered 'empty stores', is yours one?
Almost 100% of B2B companies are too slow to reply or respond to new leads
53% of people are more likely to interact with a business they can message directly.
More than 50% of people consider business messaging the modern way to communicate.

Could using real time and automated Facebook chatbots help you to reduce buyer friction and close more sales?
Recommended 3rd party tools to help you build the right Facebook Messenger bot for your business
Inspiration: How famous brands are using Facebook Messenger bots
Top 3 Tips for Success: Don't waffle, get to the point, be totally transparent that you're using a bot, always have a human on hand where possible!

Here are 3 ways that implementing a Facebook Messenger chatbot can massively help your business:
1) Improve customer service
2) Increase brand perception
3) Move people to key places on your website quickly (products, downloads, case studies)