Aris Pilitsopoulos

Aris is now a head of client services at Base Element agency in Cyprus.
He's an FMCG-trained marketeer who transformed into a digital and social media native through professional experience and personal digital projects.

He started his career at Unilever Greece working in marketing and trade marketing positions for iconic brands such as SKIP (Persil in the UK), Cajoline (Snuggle), AXE (Lynx) and Rexona.

Following Unilever, he joined Vodafone in Greece where he implemented some of the first Facebook campaigns in the Greek market. His experience spans across the tourism industry, launching, private health care sector and, most recently, in the retail and e-commerce sectors.

With interest in political communication, Aris was a Twitter influencer in Greece with more than 25.000 followers on his @tweetaris account from 2012 to 2015. In 2017, he won three social media awards for his work in e-sports and retail social media in Greece. An INSEAD MBA graduate, Aris has lived in five countries and has travelled to 27 at last count.

"Although it might sound boring, i am almost 24/7 inside social media. I've built a Facebook page from 0 to 35.000 fans and I am currently growing my Instagram account."

Workshop "Let's build your empire with Content Marketing!"

Key points:
Content Marketing is a key component of building and massively growing your business or your brand. Together we will work on:

- How to research and decide on the content you should create for your audience
- What content formats & platforms are the best for your business or your brand
- how to plan, publish & spread the content in order to grab your audience attention.
- how to massively grow by automating all the above.

You will be able to build a content marketing machine for your business.

- create a content calendar for their business/brand
- plan and implement content creation
- understand and select the right media for their content
- distribute and amplify the content that they will create

- raise in brand awareness
- more leads, more clients
- more sales