Benoit St-Laurent
In 2016, Benoit founded with two friends the web marketing agency "Click & Mortar" in Montreal. In less than two years the agency already had more than five employees and a vast and successful portfolio of clients.

But, Ben has always been an adventurous traveller in mind, thus in 2017 he decided to part ways with his agency so he could live one of his biggest dream: to be a digital nomad - to travel around the world while working with his clients from Canada.

His expertise is mainly web advertising and social media content strategies for many different types of businesses: from E-Commerce websites with six numbers of advertising budgets, to small businesses with a smaller budget.

Benoit has been operating his agency in Canada from abroad for the last two years. He is what you can call a digital nomad, and he's always eager to know more about different cultures and history.

Workshop — «How NOT to fail at Facebook Ads in 2019

Key points:
- fresh update with up-to-date strategies and techniques used by advertisers in Facebook in 2019
- best practices on Ads Manager platform for a successful ad campaign
- remarketing strategy: multiples uses of Facebook pixel; creation of powerful audiences, tracking the right conversions

- Abilities to use the pixel to its full capacity
- Abilities to create an effective Ad.
- Abilities to A-B test different variables of your campaigns and the maintenance of a campaign.

- A better understanding of a good online sales funnel regarding your business realities.
- Having a coherent vision of the powers and limits of online advertising.