Chrysanthos Constantinides
My name is Chrysanthos Constantinides and my expertise in Digital Marketing is mostly in the Retail, Media, and Travel Industries.
Over the course of the last 6 years of my experience in Digital Marketing, I have gained invaluable experience in the processes, procedures, and key practices in the field of Marketing and Digital Marketing in Zipy Greece and Cyprus

I consider myself quite well equipped for public speaking too, experience gained from my work as a Lecturer for the Professional Marketing Diploma certification, developed by the Digital Marketing Institute in Dublin. The Professional Marketing Diploma certification is a globally recognized professional course that is delivered to professionals in the field of marketing at the University of Cyprus. Furthermore, from my experience in the media and fashion industry in Cyprus, I have gained knowledge in event organization and management as well as effective PR and communication skills.

The certifications I obtained include SEO, SEM, Digital Marketing & SMM in courses developed by Google, Facebook, HubSpot, DMI and other reputable organizations. My grade at the globally recognized Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing by the Digital Marketing Institute, positions me to the top 15% of the certification's candidates worldwide.

As a person, I'm highly adaptable to different cultures and challenges. I have a track record of efficient and effective task handling that can be seen from my successful personal and career growth in the last few years. I had the luck to work on a number of different digital presence and marketing projects and this has enabled me to have an insight of both the local and the global marketplace.

Critical and creative thinking are my key strengths. Self-driven personality with high energy levels. I'm a fan of emerging digital media technologies.

Fun facts:

Personally, I tend to view myself caught in between the introvert and extrovert type. I usually enjoy the time I have around people. I tend to socialize with almost everyone but, there are times that my geeky type jumps in and I want is to get back to my screen and create digital miracles.

At this age, I feel that I have embraced both of my sides and I can really accept both of them for what they are. I am always curious for new technologies and advances in the digital marketing field and I'm also very practical when it comes to having creative solutions to reach tangible goals or improving a process.

P.S. I'm also a youth policy worker and a model so feel free to handle me with care. ;)
Workshop: «Unlocking Social Media Influencers Potential in Cyprus»

Key Points
  • How to make money from influencer marketing in Cyprus
  • Which sectors can be benefited currently from Influencer Marketing in Cyprus
  • How to select the right brand influencers for your brand and how to contact them
  • Knowledge about influencer marketing and the differences between Macro and Micro-Influencers
  • How to locate possible influencers and how to filter them
  • How to contact them and make them part of the marketing strategy .
  • Increase in brand exposure and awareness
  • Increase in business leads and revenue