Jonathan Squires
Jonathan Squires is the Chief Digital Officer of Exness, one of the world's largest multi-asset FX brokers. Based in Limassol, Jonathan has a global remit to grow Exness' reach through online marketing and partnerships.

Prior to Exness, Jonathan ran iBus Media, the super affiliate and marketing group of The Stars Group (TSGI (TSE)), with offices across Europe focussing on performance media, SEO, social, email and brand. Through its own portals and the fifteen thousand sub-affiliate partners it worked with, iBus was a critical supplier to over 400 clients, including every major brand in the iGaming industry. During his tenure as CEO of iBus Media, the company won Affiliate of the Year five of the last six years and was short-listed for many more awards.

Chief Digital Officer at Exness

VIP Speech:
Looking Past the CTR, Likes and Shares - Why "Big" Creativity is Coming Back.

Jonathan has been in the advertising industry since 1996, when he led the launch of a portfolio of sites to generate interest for large consumer companies. Over the last twenty years, he has driven performance through search engine visibility, ad buying, social presence, email and audience partnerships. Since the launch of Google and Facebook, marketers have become obsessed with metrics rather than material. This methodology is akin to the coupon-writing of the early Madison Avenue, and has led to trends such as click bait and fake news.

With the broad-spectrum view of an affiliate, Jonathan has identified what makes a great campaign and delivers the best ROI: creativity. With Nike's Kaepernik advert, IHOP's IHOB, and Amazon's Jurassic Park stunt, agencies and creative directors have found their mojo again. In this talk, we'll look at why inspiring your audience is more important than competing on clicks.