Nikolas Nikolaides
Nikolas is a founder and CEO of "Hey Oliver",
a marketing tool that helps marketers drive greater awareness, guide people through a buying process, and – when the buyer
is ready – hand that person over to the sales team.

He has studied Computer Science with a major on Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems at the University of Piraeus, where he continued with a Master in Business Administration (MBA) with a major on Strategic Marketing and Consumer Psychology.

With a vast professional experience, Nikolas was working in managerial and marketing positions in some of the best and most successful companies in Cyprus.

The areas of his expertise include predictive analytics, statistical pattern recognition, data analytics and digital marketing.

Fun Fact:
Nikolas can also perform magic tricks.

Workshop: «Consumer behavior is and how it works on Social Media

Key Points
  • Did you know that 78% of consumers say companies' social media posts impact their purchases?
  • Understand psychology of consumers in social media based on primary research / sources
  • How companies use social media to expose, engage, influence and drive action to their business
  • Tips and suggestions on how to use understanding of consumer behavior to grow your business
  • Understand how social media content is delivered in order to inspire, motivate, win customer loyalty and upgrade your users' experiences from good to great.
  • Get access to conclusions from primary source / survey that address a lot of questions regarding social media and buyer's behavior.
  • Guide marketers to deliver influential content within their social media strategy with the help of consumer psychology.
  • Transform your understanding of what consumer behavior is and how it works on social media, while you learn practical strategies to benefit from facilitating more successful campaigns.