Sarah Lorenz
Sarah Lorenz is a Social Media Strategist and Facebook Ads Expert. After studying marketing and working as a Marketing Manager for six years she's now been running her own business including a Facebook Ads agency for the last five years.

Sarah manages the Social Media platforms for multiple international clients from currently seven different countries and with her Facebook Ads services handles
a monthly budget of over 20,000€. Sarah has helped dozens of clients to find their unique voice, implement
a strategy and get high-end clients through social media. She loves testing new techniques and is always up to some crazy ideas.

Sarah moved to Cyprus a little more than a year ago with her husband, now 3-year old son and dog. She lived in Germany before and some years ago earned her living by hiking through Germany with a mini-pony and blogging about it.

She is an absolute morning person and loves to watch the sunrise. This also means she
behaves like a grandma in the evening, going to bed around 9 pm when most people in
Cyprus just start leaving the house.

Although she's adopted lots of nice parts of the Cypriot lifestyle, she's still a very structured person who loves
a good detailed plan for everything in life.
So far the only thing Sarah can do in Greek is ordering coffee. With her son learning Greek in kindergarten she's now at the weird space of enjoying to watch him speak Greek to her neighbours and sincerely hoping that he only learns nice words from his 3-year old friends. In her free time Sarah volunteers for a stray cat project and practices AcroYoga at the beach.

Workshop Stories: «More than just 15-seconds videos.
How to use Instagram and Facebook Stories to sell your products and services

Key points:
• build reach and create trust with Facebook and Instagram Stories
• three options you need to know about (location, poll, question)
• turn story viewers into paying customers
• expand your reach by working with Influencers

Results / Take-aways
• know how to create engaging stories
• know how to sell with stories
• know how to make people crave for new content
• know how to use stories to build a brand

Value / long-term effects:
• sell products and services on a regular and scalable basis through stories
• Increased brand awareness / be known in the industry and by potential clients
• Get more cooperations and deals with investors
Workshop: «Facebook Ads hacks and shortcuts for local businesses in a multinational country

Key points:
• Facebook Ads as the number 1 marketing tool for local businesses
• the top mistakes you should avoid with Facebook Ads
• create your perfect audience
• language options in Facebook Ads
• strategies to optimise ad campaigns in a multinational country

Results / Take-aways:
• have a template for well-performing ads
• knowing the key factors for successful ads in Cyprus
• know how to create the perfect audience
• know how to optimise Facebook Ad campaigns based on different languages and cultures

Value / long-term effects:
• making consistent money with Facebook Ads, always getting more money out than
putting into Facebook
• getting new clients automatically