Stavriana Nathanail

Stavriana is a Digital Marketing Freak and Social Media Addict!

She studied Economics & Politics (BA) at the University of Essex from 2010 to 2013, and has a number of certifications, including Google Adwords & Analytics, and Hubspot Inbound Marketing. Stavriana is a highly motivated, creative individual with experience and a passion for connecting with current and future customers.

She strongly believes that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and a Social Media overreaction!


Workshop: «How to take the most out of Instagram. Business edition»

Key Points
  • What, when, and how to post on Instagram to get followers fast
  • Using hashtags: best practices, tips, and a full glossary of common hashtags to use
  • Using Instagram Stories vs. posting photos and videos
  • Setting goals: different ways Instagram can help grow your business
  • Advanced chapter: using contests to grow followers quickly and make a big splash
  • Measuring success and proving the value of Instagram to your executives


    You will learn how to:
    • Get Followers, o Build Your Audience,
    • Set Goals, & Measure Success You will also get FREE Instagram templates
    • You will also get FREE Instagram templates