Viktor Lokotkov
Founder of LVL80 Marketing School in Ukraine. 13 years of experience in online-marketing. Former CMO in Genius Marketing (largest online-marketing community in CIS). Launched food marketplace on the Ukrainian market. Google Launchpad mentor.

Viktor: "I love Internet. And so it happened, that I love marketing. In complex – I love online-marketing. Why? Just because you can make more than 20 experiments per day. You don't need to spend huge budgets to understand that creative doesn't work. Here analytics and math have more influence than in traditional marketing.

Online-marketing evolves every day, each second, and rules change all the time. I love this speed and dynamics.
Workshop «Сheeky Facebook Ads»

Key points:
- why your Facebook ads need to be more provocative
- how to attract your target audience with your ads
- how to make your ads convert even better than they do now

- 3-5 ideas for your Facebook ads creative
- understanding of how to conduct creative brainstorm in your team

- you will be able to increase your Facebook ads ROI
- you will find new approach to your target audience
- you will earn more :)