Yiorgos Petrakides
Yiorgos Petrakides is the Managing Director at SocialSpace Global Media and lead trainer and coach at SocialSpace Academy, with over 20 years of Internet technologies, Digital Marketing and Digital Branding consulting, implementation, training and coaching experience in a wide range of industries in the USA, Greece and Cyprus.

By utilising a wide range of technologies and skills, he is in position to practically help any company become competitive and increase its sales and profitability as well as build a solid digital brand.

Furthermore, through his unconventional Digital Marketing seminars, which are subsidised by the Human Resource Development Authority (HRDA), he can help professionals understand and conceptualise the importance of competing online and take the necessary actions to build, from the ground up, a solid digital marketing strategy, a scalable social media plan and in essence a strong Digital Brand.

His portfolio features companies like Hellenic Bank, PwC, Char. Pilakoutas Group, Epiphaniou Group, A.I Motokinisis (Porsche Cyprus), Pernera, Tsokkos Hotels, Unicars, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and others.

Workshop: «Customer Journey Mapping: A Bulletproof Technique to Skyrocket your Online Experiences and Profits!»

Key Points:
- Use social media to improve customer service through Customer Journey Mapping
- Identify the touchpoints of your customers with your company
- Target your customers at the right place and the right time to improve your conversions
- Expand strategies beyond brand awareness

- Develop a customer journey map for your business
- Identify and assess the important social media metrics
- Be able to optimize your customers journeys and thus customer experiences
- Learn how to target customers in each of the 5 stages of the customer journey

- Increase revenue and reduce costs by providing optimised customer journeys across digital channels
- Build advocacy through effective customer targeting